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Welcome New Clients

My Mission Statement, goal and INTENTION:

Advocate LOVE: Relieve your PAIN


Congratulations on your first step toward supporting yourself! You have taken a meaningful step towards rewarding your life efforts with some time out to remember what relaxation feels like.

You are about to embark on a journey that may change your perspective on what is a priority.

If this is your first time with massage, this session will be about experiencing your body and less about intellectual understanding.

What should you expect? A calm and comfortable environment with lovely aromatherapy. Most are also surprised that during this initial session that clothing is not removed. 

You are encouraged to wear something loose, soft and very flexible. We may do some stretching if your body feels ready to go a little further than usually. Shorts, a t-shirt are perfect. Anything suitable for the gym or a yoga class will be perfect. Once you are settled in, we will discuss what techniques will be best suited for your body and your needs.

Everyone is encouraged to pay extra careful attention to hydration, so please drink extra water every day.

Consider booking your massage directly through my online scheduling service for the same price. Simply click on the Schedule button at the top of my HOME page.



Laber of Love Bodywork & Massage, message to my clients  

Listening to other's pains and understanding how to alleviate their symptoms is why I do this work. I love helping! There will be times in everyone’s lives when they have pain or suffer from something that is either explainable, such as a car accident, or something unexplainable, such as the onset of sudden and severe dizziness.

These experiences cause us to reach out for help. My goal is to be able to assist my clients with bodywork that relieves pain and stress and increases quality of life. To hear someone heave a sigh of relief as tension leaves their body is a sign that we are making progress. If we can bring the body back to its comfort zone and you can start feeling better, then we approach our goal. Happy to have helped and happy to be a part of your healing process.


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