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Stress Relief Options

Massage and Stress Relief Options

Cranial Release Technique is the best Stress Relief I have ever experienced. CRT gives the central nervous system a break from tension. You feel it immediately. We do pre testing of your muscles to let you feel how balanced you are. Then after the CRT (which only takes 2 to 3 minutes) we again do the muscle tests to show you how your body has improved. Stress Relief at its most accessible and enjoyable best. http://www.cranialrelease.com/


MassageActive Isolated Stretching, Assisted is the Aaron Mattes' method. You learn how to effectively loosen overworked muscles. This is great for anyone who exercises vigorously and it is especially good for athletes and extremely physically active people. Stretching is work and you will have me as an assistant during our session. When you practice the stretches you will find they become second nature and your ease of movement will make everything easier. Dancing, walking, running, biking, swimming it all feels better when your muscles are at ease.

Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage is exploring your whole body. We assess the major muscle groups using firm pressure and very quickly determine where your team of muscles is overdoing it, out of either habit or injury. Coaching you on breathing and teaching you how easy it is to learn how to release the unnecessary tension is the other aspect of deep tissue massage and bodywork that makes this popular stress reliever and returns your body to function quickly.

TMJ Therapy is the examination of the muscles of your face, mouth and tongue to release tension and stress that cause pain, clicking and sometimes limit how you open and close your mouth. The work is very gentle, slow and comfortable; you are the gauge of how much and for how long we touch any of your muscles. This method can be used for the relief of clenching and grinding of teeth. You smile better, too.

Advanced Neuromuscular Massage Therapy is specialized therapy that involves sensitive areas of one’s body, especially for those who have suffered whiplash from falls, sports related injuries or automobile accidents. We can work on the soft tissues on the front of your spine. We massage the muscles along the neck and spine that are usually behind your thyroid cartilage. Some also call it your "Adams apple". Some other areas of advanced NMT are the muscles around your eyes; inside your external ear; the inside of your throat beside your tongue.

Couples Training Massage this is one of my favorites techniques because you and your partner are involved in your own beneficial bodywork and massage. Time is split 50/50. Each gets to give and receive. Both of you learn basic techniques that are simple easy and effective in providing comfort and ease to someone you love. These are safe to practice at home. Your investment gets immediate feedback from both of you. Couples repeatedly tell me that this has benefits for deepening the relationship way beyond the benefit of the bodywork and massage. Helping someone you love to feel better when they are in pain is a great gift to give them.

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